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Der IQ-Fallensteller

The IQ-Trapper

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The German counterpoint to "The Bell Curve"
Die IQ-Falle: Intelligenz, Sozialstruktur und Politik

(The IQ-Trap: Intelligence, Social Structure, and Politics). Graz 2000

Book review by P. Netter, Department of Psychology, University of Giessen: Personality and Individual Differences 13 (2002) 185-186 - full text -

This is an exceptional book ... . It certainly follows the challenge put forward by society that psychology should descend from its ivory tower and engage in social, political, and economic problems. It leaves the protected intellectual field of 'pure science' and extends psychology into the battle field of politics, sociodemographic and economic statistics and statements by promoting ideas which are partly contrary to the present Zeitgeist. Besides a broad scientific knowledge in epidemiology, psychometric, genetic, and statistical techniques, Weiss displays a great deal of courage when putting forward his ideas. It is recommended for everybody who engages in intelligence research and wants to convey the idea of the relevance of this concept to all areas of social and political life, and it should be recommended to students of psychology. It would be useful to have an English translation..

Biological and social evolution - Contributions as a scientist

  • Genetics of IQ, Differential psychology

  • Short term memory capacity, EEG, Code of the brain, Quantum computing

  • Giftedness, Creativity

  • Genetics of athletics, Personnel selection, Heritability

  • Social History, Social mobility, Historical Demography

  • History of Science, Neo-Lysenkoism

  • Isonymy

    See also Volkmar Weiss, German publications on twin research, genetics of quantitative trait loci, sociology of education, regional history, history of Saxony, family reconstitution, genealogy, antisemitism, nationalsocialism and innovation research.