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Der Psychohistoriker
A psychohistorian

IQ Means Inequality: The Population Cycle that Drives Human History. KDP 2020, 140 pages

Intelligence, Class Structure and Politics. KDP 2021, 190 pages

Local Population Studies in Central Europe: A Review of Historical Demography and Social History. KDP 2020, 253 pages

German Genealogy in Its Social and Political Context. KDP 2020, 226 pages

The alternate history novel by Volkmar Weiss
Artam: One Reich, One Race, a Tenth Leader. Smashwords 2014 , bestseller from november 14 up to february 15

The first Leader was killed in a plane crash in November 1941 ... the Reich did not declare war on the United States ... history took an alternative course. By 2050, Old Europe was wallowing in the Great Chaos. But
now in 2084, flourishing in the East with its capital city of Reichsburg (formerly Kiev), is the new Reich, Artam, where generations of genetic selection have created a new human race.

The Millenial Empire Artam: The Alternate History 1941-2099. KDP 2020, 332 pages

The German counterpoint to "The Bell Curve":

Die IQ-Falle: Intelligenz, Sozialstruktur und Politik. Graz 2000, 2. extended edition, Graz 2021, 328 pages, translation of foreword and epilogue of the second edition

Book review by P. Netter, Department of Psychology, University of Giessen: Personality and Individual Differences 13 (2002) 185-186 - full text -
This is an exceptional book ... . It leaves the protected intellectual field of 'pure science' and extends psychology into the battle field of politics, sociodemographic and economic statistics and statements by promoting ideas which are partly contrary to the present Zeitgeist. ... It is recommended for everybody who engages in intelligence research and wants to convey the idea of the relevance of this concept to all areas of social and political life, and it should be recommended to students of psychology. It would be useful to have an English translation.

Even far better: Die Intelligenz und ihre Feinde: Aufstieg und Niedergang der Industriegesellschaft. Graz: Ares 2012, 544 pages

Genetics of IQ, Differential psychology

  • Weiss, V.: Review: Thilo Sarrazin: Deutschland schafft sich ab -Germany Self-Destructs: Ignoring Biological Reality Means Social and Economic Catastrophe.

  • Weiss, V.: National IQ Means, Calibrated and Transformed from Educational Attainment and Their Underlying Gene Frequencies.

  • Weiss, V.: The Population Cycle Drives Human History - from a Eugenic Phase into a Dysgenic Phase and Collapse.

  • The Basic Period of Individual Mental Speed (BIP), Underlying IQ

    Invited by Hans-Jürgen Eysenck and refereed by Arthur R. Jensen:
  • Weiss, V. (1992). Major genes of general intelligence. Personality and individual Differences, 13, 1115-1134

  • DUF1220 copy number is linearly associated with IQ
  • A breakthrough: Tandem genetic linkage discovered between NOTCH2NL and protein domains DUF1220, highly correlated with IQ
  • Weiss, V.: The advent of a molecular genetics of general intelligence. Intelligence 20 (1995) 115-124 (Editorial).
  • Weiss, V. (1984).: Psychometric intelligence correlates with interindividual different rates of lipid peroxidation. Biomedica Biochimica Acta, 43, 755-763.
  • Percentage of highly gifted and high IQ subjects among the relatives of highly gifted
  • Further publications in German

    Code of the brain, Short term memory capacity, Attention, EEG, Quantum computing

  • Weiss, H. und V. Weiss (2003). pdf full text The golden mean as clock cycle of brain waves. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 18, 643-652. html The golden mean as clock cycle of brain waves

  • Weiss, H. und V. Weiss (2002): The golden section as coding principle of information. Journal of Mathematics and Design 2, 63-73.

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    History of Science

  • Weiss, V. (1991). It could be Neo-Lysenkoism, if there was ever a break in continuity! Mankind Quarterly, 31, 231-253
  • Weiss, V. (1992). It is no task of science to promote equality. Biologisches Zentralblatt, 111, 185-186.
  • Further publications in German

    Giftedness, Creativity

  • Weiss, V. (1995). The emergence of a cognitive elite. Comment on "The Bell Curve" by Herrnstein and Murray. Mankind Quarterly 35, 373-390.
  • Percentage of highly gifted and high IQ subjects among the relatives of highly gifted

  • Weiss, V. (1992).Major genes of general intelligence. Personality and individual Differences, 13, 1115-1134.

    A 25-years-follow-up of the highly gifted of former East Germany:
  • Weiss, V. (1994). Mathematical giftedness and family relationship. European Journal for High Ability, 5 , 58-67. Further publications in German

    Personnel selection, Heritability, Genetics of athletics

  • Weiss, V. (2003). The application of heritabilities in personnel selection. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 62, 15-16.
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  • Further publications in German

    Social history, Social mobility, Historical demography

  • Weiss, V. (2007). The Population Cycle Drives Human History from a Eugenic Phase into a Dysgenic Phase and Eventual Collapse. The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies 32, 327-358.
  • Weiss, V. (1990). PDF Full text Social and Demographic Origins of the European Proletariat. Mankind Quarterly 31, 127-152.
  • Weiss, V (1991). Les origines sociales et démographiques du prolétariat. Annales de démographie historiques 277-293.
  • Further publications in German


  • Weiss, V. (1980): Inbreeding and genetic distance between hierachically structured populations measured by surname frequencies. Mankind Quarterly 21, 135-149.
  • Further publications in German

    See also Volkmar Weiss: German publications on twin research, genetics of quantitative trait loci, sociology of education, regional history, history of Saxony, family reconstitution, nationalsocialism, genealogy, antisemitism and innovation research.

    Weiss, V.: Impatiens edgeworthii, an invasive balsam in Central Europe by its ecology. Does it be an aggregate species? KDP 2020, 43 pages